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A simple and intuitive email marketing calendar tool

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Does your brain melt every time you look at your email calendar? We’ve seen the calendars, we’ve counted the brain cells — it’s not pretty.

Scoop up that grey-matter and say hello to the EMU calendar, a tool designed for digital marketing teams that simplifies the email scheduling process. A good tool can make or break your email marketing operation, that’s why we’ve designed a simple and intuitive calendar scheduling tool that makes the process of email scheduling and documentation easy for the whole team.

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  • Free Google Sheets template
  • Collaborate and share with anyone you choose
  • Easily understand the status of an email in its launch cycle
  • Revision history and notifications
  • Automatic calendar view

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Screenshot of calendar template, showing a listing of example campaigns. List view
Screenshot of calendar template, showing a calendar view of example campaigns. Automatic calendar view

Having a stubborn adoption rate? Getting started with an Emu might sound intimidating for some. Rest assured we have some tips.

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